[Tutorial] Watch ‘Muscle Girl’ Online

Credit: keyholetv + zcandyflossz@withtreasures (screencaps)

Hey primadonnas, I’m sure all of us are excited to watch Hongki’s ‘Muscle Girl’ yeah?
So, here’s a simple tutorial for those who wants to watch it LIVE on TBS channel! :)

TBS channel
Date: 19th April 2011 ( Tue)

Time: 0055 – 0125hrs (JST)

(1) Go to this website. This is how the website looks like.

(2) Next, click on ‘DOWNLOAD‘.

(3) Click on ‘Windows/

(4) Click on ‘SetupKHTV3.16.exe‘. Followed by, there will be a window pop-up.

(5) Click on ‘Save‘.

(6) Go to the respective folder which you’ve saved the file earlier on, and you’ll see this.

(7)  As shown.

(8) As shown.

(9) As shown.

(10) Click on ‘Install‘.

(11) After the installation completes, you’ll see this.

(12) Key in ‘TBS‘ and click on ‘Search‘.

(13) Double-click on the ‘TBS’ column.

(14) You’re done :)

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Nothing beats Minari's powerful rhythm when he hits the drums and his charming aegyo x_x

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  1. Yuhee_16Dimentions says:

    good job 😀

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