[INFO] FTISLAND’s Schedule on May 2011

1st May: Mini Magazine

2nd May: Television show “Hey! Hey! Hey!” from 20:00 ~ 20:54

6th May: FM radio “Welcome!” 8:00 ~ 11:00

7th May: Potato Magazine and Pati Pati Magazine

9th May: PaTi Act Magazine

10th May: FM Radio “K-Stream” 25:00 ~ 28:00

11th May: Fun Magazine

13th may: FM Radio “Mega” 12:00 ~ 16:00

14th May: Television show “FTIsland Music Video Special” 20:30 ~ 21:00

16th May: FM Radio (sorry, I don’t know the name) 5:00 ~ 8:00

18th May: 1st Lounching “Five Treasure Island” album

26th May: Television Show (I don’t know the name) 22:00 ~ 22:30

source: ftislandjp

credit: Primadonnas’ Island blog and Yewonnie’s oricon blog

posted by: YIN ( admin of Muscle Girl @ FB)


About ftrhapsody

Nothing beats Minari's powerful rhythm when he hits the drums and his charming aegyo x_x

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