Gara gara 2 hari yang lalu si Era(siapa era???orang gila =.= wkwk dia temen sekelas saya) bikin bintang bintang dari kertas saya jadi pingin posting soal PAPER STARS 😀 =.= seberapapun saya mencoba untuk membuatnya endingnya tetap saja semua kertas kertas itu terbuang percuma =.=

Legend says if you give someone 100 paper origami stars they will be granted one wish 🙂 >,<


Firstly you will need paper. There are several options here.

You could use normal notebook paper with wide ruled lines, not the college rule ones. This would be best for practicing.

You could also use the pads of paper that are connected at the top (I forget what they are called but something along the lines of Legal Pads? I don’t know for sure). The ones with no holes are the best. These are very good for beginners too! And you can get them in differnet colors at Walmart. They have blue, pink, purple, and yellow + white. The only thing is that the ones at walmart only come in packs of three but you could check office supply stores like Ofice Max or some other store.

Next is printer paper. This is what I use. You can get all sorts of colors at walmart that is actual printer paper, not cardstock. They have really bright colors and also more refined colors. The only thing bad with this is that you have to hand cut the strips but if you do it the way I’ll tell you in step three it doesn’t take that long. This is also really good because of the thickness. It’s perfect!

You can use any sort of paper you like, rapping paper, scrap booking paper, newspaper. Anything! But you may have to experiment with how well it makes the stars because some paper may be too thick, or too thin. But try different stuff!

1st picture: You need to overlap the strip like in this picture. The way that helps me is it should look exactly like the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons! It works best if you do it just like in the picture instead of any other way you may do it. That may seem like it doesn’t make sence but if yours looks just like in the picture, you’re good to go. If not try again

2nd picture and 3rd picture: Now take the long end of the strip and flip it out and put it into the hole in the wrap you made in picute one. (sorry I’m not good at explaining this but the pictures will help a lot) You are basically making a knot.

4th picture: This is a little tricky and it takes practice. You need to make the knot “tight” without actually “tightening” it… You will have to gently pull and tug untill the not seems like its pretty snug. But it you pull too hard you can rip the paper. And also dont flatten your knot. Flatening it may make it even harder to do the last step which is actually makin it into a star! But don’t get frustrated just keep trying! You WILL get it eventually. It took me forever to be able to so just keep trying and don’t give up!

5th picture: now there will be a little tail at the end of your knot.( look in the previous picture to see what I’m talking about. So you need to take the tail and tuck it under one of the flaps in the knot. Just like in the picture. There may be some tail left even after you tuck it under so just rip that part off. (not the really long tail, that one STAYS)

Okay now what you do is take the long end of the strip and start wrapping it around the (pentagaon? is that what it’s called? I’m not sure) using the sides as a guide. This part insn’t very hard but it may take you a second to understand what I mean. I’m sory I couldnt take a picture but I needed both hands to do this!

1st picture: Now you have this! You tuck the left over tail under just like before. And after tucking, if there is any left over just gently rip it off.

2nd picture: Now you have this cute little.. pentagon. I think.

1st picture: Now hold your pentagon like this. I had to hold it in my left hand so I could take the picture but It works best (for right handed people) to hold it in your right hand. Just like this though with your thumb on the bottom and your index finger on the top. I suppose if you were left handed you would hold it in your left hand but do whatever feels correct.

I couldn’t take a picture for this but how you make the star is hold the pentagon like I said. And then take your index and tumb of the other hand. Put them in the spot where I put a note on the picture. You just “pinch’ those two sides untill they cave in. Now just rotate the pentagon and do that on every side untill you have a star! It is a little tricky at first and if you keep failing it might be because you’re paper isnt the right size or you did something else wrong. But again! Just keep trying!!! It took me a very long time to be able to do this but now I can do it really fast. Dont give up!!!
2nd picture: Now you have a cute little star! one down, lots more to go!

Now as you make your stars you can put them in a pretty jar! Any sort of jar will do. When you get it full you can put it on your beside table and it makes great decoration.

Another I dea is putting your jar by your beside table and also some strips. Everytime you wake up you could write your dream on the strip and make a new star. You could do the same with a wish if you like.

You could also make a lot of stars and put them in a vase. If you have dried flowers or fake flowers put them into the vase and the stars will take the place of water! It will look very cute!

Or you could make bigger stars, and hand them out to random people at school or work! It might make their day.

I’ve seen instructables on here with other ideas. Like making a door curtain from the stars, or turning the stars into little lights. Just search the instructables website for those!

I thought of another idea! If you could somehow frind a way to attatch a jump ring to the star you could make a necklace from it. Or glue the stars to earing posts and wear them!

The possibilities are endless. But beware! Once you figure out how to make them, they are very addictive!

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