RE SHARED BY : ftrhapsody@onlyminhwan is offering you a chance to be a voluntary manager or staff of FT ISLAND fanclub and this is your chance to become part of!

The manager’s roles are:
1. Managing and writing posts on the Fanclub
2. Taking care of members in the Fanclub
3. Appoint fanclub staffs
4. Decorating the Fanclub site
5. Managing polls on the Fanclub
6. Managing Fanclub event
7. And more…
* Actually manager is the highest role in a fan club.

The Fanclub Staff’s roles are:
1. Designing & decoreating Fanclub
2. Editing articles
3. Comunicating with fans
4. Co-working with Manager

Please fill in the form below and send in your application to! Thank you very much!

1. Which fanclub are you applying for?:
2. Which role do you apply(Manager or Staff)?:
3. Name:
4. Age:
5. Nationality:
6. Active period during a day:
7. Email:
8. ID:
9. Twitter Link:
10. Facebook Link:
11. Your blog address(if any):
12. Proof (how well you can do it):
Please, Join the fanclub you apply for before your application.

These can be some examples of your proof:
> Your current or prior experience in participating in other fanclubs
> Show your plan on how you can make your Fanclub super-active
> If you’re currently managing a Fanclub, you’re welcomed

will give the managers of Fanclub many benefits including advertisement and event support.

If you’re an eligible, qualified person, feel free to apply!

About ftrhapsody

Nothing beats Minari's powerful rhythm when he hits the drums and his charming aegyo x_x

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